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JCFB provides free resources to parents, educators & caregivers. We have several topics below that can help supplement curriculium. If you are looking for something specific not listed here, please contact us!


Activities will provide STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities and lessons that are easily used for K-5th grade.

Any supplies for the lessons and activities are available to Jasper County residents and those who attend school in Jasper County for FREE upon request. Open requests will be announced via our Facebook page! If you don't have Facebook and want notification of open requests please email us

If you are looking for adaptations to other grades, let us know!


Activity: Create the Bee Life Cycle

Follow this link for instructions on how to create your own cut-out bee life cycle!

Free Reader: Pollinator Ag Mag

Read about pollination in agriculture. Learn about ways you can help our pollinators.

Activity: Caterpillar 2 Butterfly Craft

Create this simple STEM craft with your students using those empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls!

Pollinator Video

View this short video with your students to learn about pollination. See how a flower multiplies.

Egg Incubation

Activity: Eggology for Kids K-5

Explore the parts of an egg. Conduct a science experiment with an egg and food coloring!

Free Book: My Family's Egg Farm

Read about an Iowa family and their egg farm. Written from the perspective of a child, great for all ages! Click the arrow below.

Activity: Make an Activity Wheel

Printable activity has students cut pictures of the chick as it develops and create a development wheel.

Virtual Field Trip

View the replay of our recent Chickens Live! virtual field trip our Facebook page (link on arrow)  to an Iowa farm to explore chickens! If you watch the video and have questions, comment in the video and use #replay after your comment!

Spring Planting

Activity: Create a Bean Book

Free printable. Create a bean book to explore the life cycle of a seed.

Free Book: My Family's Soybean Farm

Meet Isaac and Alexander, who raise soybeans, corn, alfalfa, and pigs with their family in Iowa. Learn how family farmers raise soybeans as they take you on a tour of their family's farm.

Activity: Online Games

Follow the link to My American Farm games. Play The Great Seed Search from your own computer/tablet.

Virtual Field Trip

Join Jasper County Farmers Wade and Shannon Boehm as they take us on a virtual field trip from their tractor cab! Recorded 4/22 via Facebook link below.

All About Beef

Activity: Beef Cattle Memory Game 

Printable memory game for students to learn about cattle.

Free Book: My Family's Beef Farm

Read about an Iowa family and their cattle farm. Written from the perspective of a child, great for all ages! Click the arrow below.

Activity: Color By Number Worksheet

Printable color by number worksheet for elementary aged students.

Virtual Field Trip

Recording from April 2nd!

Join us via our Facebook page (link on arrow) for a virtual field trip to an Iowa farm to explore their Black Hereford cattle. Great chance for students to ask questions live! 

Watersheds & Cover Crops

Activity: Cover Crop Monsters 

Use these quick 10 minute activities for students K-5! Click the arrow below for the activity directions. Need free supplies? Email us-we will ship free! 

Free Reader: Ag Today-Natural Resource

Explore what a watershed is and about Iowa's natural resources. Geard toward 4th grade, adaptable for younger & older students. Read for free using the link below. Want a paper copy?Email us!

Activity: Wad-a-Watershed

5-10 minute activity with markers and paper to introduce watersheds. Online video explanation via Facebook. Click link. Recorded 3/24.

Virtual Field Trip

This spring field trip was cancelled. If you are interested in scheduling a virtual one for your class, please contact us!


STEM: Build a Pig Barn

Use pasta noodles and marshmallows to create your own pig barn! Click the arrow below for the lesson. Need free supplies? Email us! Video of the lesson available on our Facebook page 3/17 at 2pm.

Free Book: My Family's Pig Farm

Read about an Iowa family and their pig farm. Written from the perspective of a child, great for all ages! Click the arrow below.

What is Biosecurity? In-home quick lesson

Biosecurity activity great for young students(ideally grades 3-5). Activity via arrow below. Will be explained in Facebook live event & tour.

Virtual Field Trip

from March 19th!

View the replay of our fieldtrip on the Facebook page (link on arrow) to a pig barn. 

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