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Farm Chat


Question: What is FarmChat?

Answer: FarmChat is a unique program that utilizes technology (Skype, FaceTime and other software platforms) to bring the farm experience directly into school classrooms.  Using a lap top at the school and a mobile device at the farm, students connect with and directly speak with the farmer. Students can see the farm and ask the farmer questions. They can even virtually ride along in the combine or tour a livestock barn all from the safety and security of their classroom. 


Question: Why FarmChat?


  • No transportation needed = Cost savings

  • Less time away from school

  • Many working farms not set up for fieldtrips (safety issues and other logistical issues like bathrooms create obstacles)

  • It is very easy to reschedule if for any reason there is a problem

  • Allows you to focus the experience and the student learning

  • There are fewer distractions for students and learning time is maximized

  • Students can see and experience things that they could not during a class fieldtrip to a farm

  • Provides real-world connections to the Iowa Core. 


Question: Who can do FarmChat?

Answer: Anyone! The beauty of the program is that it is simple, easy, and only relies on connectivity of a cellular network. FarmChat programs can be initiated by farmers interested in sharing what they do. They can be initiated by teachers wanting to teach their students about crops and livestock. Or they can be initiated by community groups or volunteers.

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